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Camilla Vavruch

Meet the author

Camilla Vavruch

Camilla Vavruch has enjoyed writing since childhood, and her first longer story was an eight-page novella about two children who ended up on a deserted island. Today, Camilla works as a doctor at a health care center in Linköping, but still spends her free time writing – on her blog Cosmonomics, on her novels, or on books to help others.

Books by Camilla Vavruch

The Elemental Saga: The lost wings by Camilla Vavruch

The Elementals:
The Lost Wings

Moira is the unwilling crown princess of the land in the clouds, Aurora, who knows there must be more to life than banquets and meetings with other royals. A storm changes everything, leaving Moira stranded on the ground all alone - and the only person who seems willing to help her is a woman from the water folk, sworn enemies of Aurora. Now, the only thing the princess who wanted to get away wants is to get back to her country and her family - but finding a way to get her wings back proves dangerous at best, deadly at worst...

The first in the series about the Elementals. It will be released in 2021. English only.


I enjoyed the idea of a city above the clouds and the people who live there. 

– Kajsa, reader of “The Lost Wings”


I absolutely enjoyed myself through the whole first read. I laughed, I gasped, I grinned, the whole nine. I basically read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down! I always wanted to know what would happen next. What a wonderful story you have written!

– Cat, book editor, on “The Lost Wings”


A really exciting story that kept me going until the end, wanting to know what would happen.

– Denisa, reader of “The Lost Wings”

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