My Books!

Below is my store, but it’s also all the information you need about my books—all in one place! If you decide to buy direct from me—thank you. Buying on my website allows me to keep more of the income from my books than when you buy from the large retailers, so thank you very much for supporting me in my author journey!

Series: The Elemental Saga

The Elemental Saga is a young adult epic noblebright fantasy series that will be four books in total. Spice level is kissing only. Sweet sapphic romance. No trigger warnings. Reading order:

1. Before Moira (short story)
2. The Lost Wings (book 1)
3. Return to the Ocean (novelette)
4. The Fallen Kingdom (book 2)

Series: Stories of Gereon

Stories of Gereon is a young/new adult noblebright fantasy series that leans more toward cozy and slice-of-life than The Elemental Saga. However, there are dark themes too. LGBT and neurodiversity. Spice level is kissing/fade-to-black. Reading order:

1. Stone of Shadows (book 1)
2. Boy of Shadows (book 2)
3. Grove of Shadows (short story)
4. Prince of Shadows (book 3)