Grove of Shadows


Short story set in the Stories of Gereon universe, can be read after Stone of Shadows or Boy of Shadows.

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In the heart of winter, Tristan and Will venture to the Glowing Grove, seeking the radiant spectacle of its famous flowers—only to discover they aren’t glowing. Guided by Shade, Tristan’s loyal crystalwing falcon, they delve deeper into the grove, following a haunting wail that promises answers and intrigue…

This short story is part of the series Stories of Gereon, and can be read after either Stone of Shadows or Boy of Shadows. It is available for free to those who buy any of the other stories in the series. If you have bought one of them, please email me at and I’ll send you the story (do not buy it on this page if you have already bought other stories in the series).

Available in ebook only.


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