Camilla Vavruch

About the author

Camilla Vavruch


Meet Camilla Vavruch, a multitasking marvel and dragon-lover extraordinaire! By day, she’s a doctor at a healthcare center, healing bodies and saving lives. By night (and early morning and lunch breaks), she unleashes her wild imagination as a writer of fantasy novels filled with magic and, of course, dragons of all shapes and sizes.

Camilla is the author of two series, The Elemental Saga and Stories of Gereon. Both are set in the same universe, but with entirely different characters and focus. All of Camilla’s stories include found family (her favorite trope!), at least a touch of hurt/comfort, and a healthy dose of fantastical creatures.

When she’s not slaying dragons on the page, Camilla is also a mom of three (who somehow still finds time to sleep), a web and graphic designer, and a lover of all things creative – from writing to drawing and photography. It’s a wonder she has any time left to breathe, but Camilla wouldn’t have it any other way.

Join her on her wild and fantastical journey through life!