Stories of Gereon – three story collection

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Stories of Gereon books I, II, III and short story

Stone of Shadows, Boy of Shadows, Prince of Shadows, and short story Grove of Shadows in a single file.

In the human city of Gereon, the capital of Mannerobes, people live their lives to the best of their abilities. While humans themselves rarely have magic of their own, they can still use magical artefacts--or why not a bird with magical powers?

Will is sixteen years old and lives in the Lowers, the poor part of Gereon. What happens when he finds a magical stone that renders him intangible?

Tristan is the son of one of the highest nobles in the city--but his life is not the charmed one everyone assumes.

Orson is the crown prince, and he can do whatever he wants--except marry someone of his own choosing.

Stories of Gereon are a series of connected stories for your entertainment, with magic, hurt/comfort, queer representation, neurodiversity, and dragons.

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