The story is beautifully written with magical beings and scary forests. It is a perfect YA book! I can not wait for the second book in the series!

Malena, Goodreads

”I loved the way this book was written. The plot was amazing. I am exited for possible next books!”

Sanne, Goodreads

This book was so good! I loved reading about the characters and at one point of the book, I was so surprised!! It caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to finish reading it. I cannot wait to read more about their adventures! ”

Taylor, Goodreads

”I love the connection and bond between all the characters. The author did amazing and created characters and situations the readers can relate to. She touches topics from prejudices, the dynamics between parents and their children.”

Stella steph,

”The story is beautifully written with magical beings and scary forests. It is a perfect YA book! I can not wait for the second book in the series! It was refreshing reading The Lost Wings!”

Malena, Goodreads

The Lost Wings

The debut YA fantasy novel by Camilla Vavruch.

The Lost Wings by Camilla Vavruch

A lost princess.
A mermaid looking to prove herself.
A dragon with peculiar tastes.

The start of an adventure.

Crown Princess Moira of the air country of Aurora is known as the unwilling princess, the one who doesn’t want to rule. A chaotic dinner with foreign dignitaries turns into a furious fight with her mother, and the night ends in catastrophe.

When Moira loses her wings and nearly drowns in the stormy ocean, a woman who should be her enemy rescues her. Water woman Nerida has never been to the surface and isn’t looking for adventure—but she is trying to prove to herself that she’s more than the people around her believe. Add in a lonely dragon, and Moira has some strange traveling companions to help her as she searches for a way to get her wings back and return in time to claim her place in the world she thought she wanted to escape.


Do you love a clean fantasy with mermaids, magic, dragons, and adventure? Then this book is for you—grab your copy today! Available in Kindle Unlimited for the ebook, and physical copies can be ordered wide.



I enjoyed the idea of a city above the clouds and the people who live there. 

- Kajsa, reader of "The Lost Wings"


I would like to sign off by congratulating you on weaving this everlasting piece. It’s genuinely perennial and only a few classics have that capability. I’ve absolutely enjoyed working on this book from start to finish, I was hooked to Moira’s perspective, and I really wish you write a sequel to this someday.

- Shrishti, line editor of "The Lost Wings"


I absolutely enjoyed myself through the whole first read. I laughed, I gasped, I grinned, the whole nine. I basically read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down! I always wanted to know what would happen next. What a wonderful story you have written!

- Cat, book editor, on "The Lost Wings"


It was a very sweet story. The characters plots blended together nicely, carrying the story to the conclusion.

- The Bibliophile Project, on "The Lost Wings"


A really exciting story that kept me going until the end, wanting to know what would happen.

- Denisa, reader of "The Lost Wings"


I could not put your story down except when I had to.  You have written a compelling, readable, entertaining book.  Its pace is perfect, the characters are each interesting and engaging. Your plot line is outstanding and your world building, in the story seems so simple, but I know it took a great deal of thought and imagination to create it. 

- A-M Mawhiney, reader of "The Lost Wings" and author of Spindrifts