Written by Camilla Vavruch

13 January 2022

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To make pretty e-books and distribute them to the big retailers such as Apple books, Amazon and Kobo. Also distributes to libraries in English-speaking countries. No start-up cost, instead they take a certain percentage of whatever you sell for. Affiliate link.


For distributing my books to the Swedish retailers, such as Adlibris and Bokus, and the Swedish libraries. Their package “Pay as you go” costs 10% of whatever you sell and you get their most basic functions. Publishing is always free, and there is no start-up cost. Their “Basic” package doesn’t take a royalty on what you sell, but costs 495 SEK per month and distributes to Nextory, Bookbeat, and Storytel, and the ones from the Pay as you go-package.

The Creative Penn

The books (some audiobooks available on Nextory, a few are free, and you can buy the rest wherever you buy books), the website and the podcast.


Every English text I write, I run through ProWritingAid these days. It’s outstanding and makes my writing so much better. I wish it existed for Swedish as well, but since Swedish is a tiny little language, I doubt that will happen even in the next decade. ProWritingAid checks grammar and style, but also overused words, repeats, structure, sentences, passive voice, sticky words, consistency, style and pacing. It’s a great tool. Affiliate link; if you want to support me and my writing, please use my link. It doesn’t cost you anything, but helps me.


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