Written by Camilla Vavruch

8 March 2022

Lately, I’ve been binging books. Mostly audiobooks, because with a baby, a three-year-old and a six-year-old, there is precious little time to sit down and read actual books (and what little time there is, I spend on writing my own books, editing, newsletters, blogging, etc). Going on long walks with the baby, however, offers me lots of listening time where I can’t do much else. I usually listen to the books at a speed of 1.7-2.0 depending on the narrator. Many narrators talk so very slowly it’d drive me crazy if I couldn’t speed them up.

Two Colleen Hoover books: All Your Perfects, which I loved and could empathize with so much, and It ends with us, which I wasn’t as fond of because I found the main male MC so creepy.

Geekerella which was fun, but not the best Cinderella retelling I’ve read/seen, that honor still falls to the movie Ever After which I will forever love.

Iron widow, which I loved except toward the end where it felt incredibly rushed.

I finished Serpent & dove. Split feelings about it; I liked the female MC but the male MC had no character arc.

ACOTAR/ACOMAR/ACOWAR: I liked the second book, but the others were way, way too long and too little happened; I know so many others absolute adore these books but they weren’t for me.

What are you guys reading? If you want something else to read, there’s a promo running right now with the theme of empowered lead women. There are 170 books on offer, all free (some excerpts and samples, others are complete books). It’s not just fantasy, but every genre, all with the common denominator of strong female leads. Go check them out, maybe you’ll find yourself a new favorite author! I’m participating with the first five chapters of The Lost Wings, so if you want those, go grab ’em.

Empowered women promo

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