Written by Camilla Vavruch

1 March 2022

Finally holding my book in my hands was the most amazing feeling (well, second to holding my children in my arms for the first time!) – and now it’s available everywhere.

I started on The Lost Wings – which at the time was called the Four Elements in Swedish (“fyra elementen”) – in 2004 or 2005. It has gone through so many iterations since, I can’t keep track. It was originally written in Swedish, and in present tense, and from four different point of views (POV), When I decided on doing solely Moira’s POV, it resulted in cutting more than 30 000 words out, and a lot of re-writing. The story of Nerida, Before Moira, which you can get by signing up here, was originally the start of Nerida’s POV. Cutting the POVs was in like 2018-19.

Then I decided the market for Swedish YA fantasy was way too small, and I translated it to English in 2019-20, which took a few months while working and taking care of kids and everything else in life.

After my fantastic editor Cat worked through it in 2020, I followed her recommendation and switch the whole story to past tense. I’d already planned on it, but I needed her firm voice telling me to really do it. So, new edits. A line edit with the wonderful Shrishti followed (2021), and the final grammar/spelling edit. Now we’re here: my book is available everywhere. Other people will read my book. It feels unreal.

I hope you will consider buying it, and if you do, I really hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, I’ll edit book 2 in the series, which will be out in 2023.

This link will take you to the page for the book, and there you’ll find links to buy it, and stuff to share if you want to help me promote it.

The Lost Wings by Camilla VavruchThe Lost Wings by Camilla Vavruch

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