Prince of Shadows (ebook) (preorder)


Stories of Gereon book III

Pre-order; will be delivered on February 14th, 2024.

An avian tournament.
A chaotic prince.
An unwanted engagement.

Assassins out for blood.

Crown Prince Orson of Mannerobes is a turbulent young man, desperately trying to live up to his father’s impossible expectations. Engaged to Lady Liadan, a woman he does not love, and longing for freedom, Orson’s life takes a darker turn when the Avian Tournament, where birds and their handlers challenge each other in a variety of contests, begins. When Orson’s friend and fellow noble, Overster Tristan Arrington, is poisoned as they greet guests, they discover a sinister assassination plot. As the tournament progresses, Orson’s relationship with Lady Liadan’s deteriorates, while a new and intriguing bond forms with Sir Rorik Ironhold of Chim, a gemstone connoisseur whose true intentions are unclear. As if juggling the tournament, an unraveling betrothal, and his father’s ire isn’t enough, it does not take long before a second assassination attempt makes everyone question who the real target is.


Prince of Shadows is a thrilling tale of passion, complex conflict, and the fierce pursuit of one’s true self, set against a backdrop of a vivid fantasy world. The book is the third book in the series Stories of Gereon and contains HBTQ relationships and neurodiversity.


Prince of Shadow revisits the characters who stole your heart in Stone of Shadow and Boy of Shadow and introduces a whole host of new characters to sink your teeth into. The author did a wonderful job of creating a fantasy world that tackled real life issues. ~ Reader Elisa