Stone of Shadows (ebook)


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A poor boy.
A rich bully.
A magical stone.

One dark secret.

In the slums of Gereon, sixteen-year-old Will struggles to survive and keep food on the table for his siblings. Working each day in the fields, he endures regular torment from privileged bully Tristan Arrington. But when a dragon snatches Will, he discovers a stone that grants him the power of invisibility.

Returning to the city, Will uses his new ability and stumbles across the dark secret Tristan and his powerful father are hiding. As a tentative friendship forms amidst a web of secrets, one boy’s life hangs in the balance—and just how much of himself is Will willing to risk?

This novella contains some darkness and violence, a generous helping of hurt/comfort, a healthy dose of stupid boys, and a clean HBTQ relationship.

I LOVED this novella and I devoured this story. The animosity between Will and Tristan keeps you guessing and trying to figure what they were going to do next.

With dragons, a castle, heroes, villains, a mystical stone with powers, and secret adventures hidden in the shadows, this is a lovely fantasy escape that keeps you enthralled to read on.

Stone of Shadows is such a well written and thoughtful novella. You truly get to know the characters through the short book, a beautiful story incased in a small amount of pages.


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